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A great time to book your event for next summer!

Kloc's Outdoor Garden Pavilion (view of tables towards dance floor)

As the saying goes for anything you should be doing... "There is no time as good as the present."

This saying is especially true for seasonal venues. It is important to get a good feel for the space you are booking whether a wedding, anniversary, or graduation. Here at Kloc's our outdoor Garden Pavilion is a seasonal venue and now is a great time to come check it out for any event you might be planning for next summer.

But seriously, Don't you just love Buffalo summers?? We do!

Celebrate your wedding in an elegant outdoor setting that offers all the amenities and services you need in-house. Kloc's makes the planning easy and keep the whole celebration affordable! If you haven’t been to a wedding here before, or even if you have, call us to set up a tour. Call us now while everything is still fully set up in this breathtaking seasonal venue! This space books up fast so come check it out while there are still available dates.

We look forward to showing you what we have to offer!

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