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Planning Your Wedding: Part 1

Planning a Wedding takes a lot of work, that’s no secret, however, it should be fun at the same time. It’s a big task and can sometimes be overwhelming. To keep the planning fun and easy, we will break down the process from start to finish in 3 parts. This first part will cover the process from engagement to venue booking!

First, congratulations! Take some time, however long you need, to enjoy this phase of your relationship. It’s a transitional time and like any transition it's important to realize that it will affect you and your relationship so take it at your own pace and in whichever way is best for you.

Next, after you have caught your breath, the first step would be to define your vision. There are many ways to do this, we recommend using tools like Pinterest and magazine clippings to convey clear, visual ideas to your fiancée and family. This, however, should be done with respect to budget. And a good way to figure out your budget is to start touring some venues to see which match your vision and which have right quality/price combination for you needs.

OKAY... I get it, that’s a lot of information really fast. Let's back up and break it down a bit. The steps look like this.

  • Vision:

  • Use some visual aids like Pinterest and magazines to convey what you are dreaming.

  • Budget:

  • Visions are great but it's smart to do this with an understanding of the expenses that will accompany your vision. While keeping in mind the general wedding expenses of venues, entertainment, ceremony, dress, flowers, centerpieces, etc.

  • Yes, there is a lot to think of, but venue and catering will likely add up the most quickly and will result in a bulk of your budget (depending on the size of the wedding as it pertains to guest list)

  • Venue (and catering):

  • Depending on how many people you are expecting, this can add up fast.

  • Start researching venues and making calls/sending emails to set up tours of 3.

Before touring venues, you should have an idea of what date(s) you are looking at, for the big day, and how many guests you would like to invite. (See previous blog on guest list because many venues will have minimums and maximums that are required for their space. And, in addition to this constraint, availability may be limited at the venue.)

The process will look something like this…

venue booking cycle

…and there will likely be some give and take between Venue, Vision, Guest list, and Budget. This process will require plenty of communication between all vested parties. Usually inclusive of the engaged couple, and parents.

Your next step for this early phase of wedding planning is to book the date at the venue of your choosing that works within your budget, vision, and guest list. To make sure this is the case be sure to:

  • Communicate your vision to the potential wedding venue:

  • Show photos, and explain your ideas, some details/questions can be communicated over phone or email before visiting the venue to save on time.

  • At Kloc's we over a variety of services that might save you money and planning efforts of hiring other providers.

  • Tell potential venues about your decorating ideas and plans for the setup to see if it can fit within their normal operations.

  • If it doesn’t fit within their normal procedures, they probably will have some other ideas and options that fit their venues unique circumstances. This should also help you to get a feel for how helpful the venue will be throughout the planning process.

  • At Kloc's, we strive to make wedding planning an easy process, but we've been through the process a few times. If you aren't understanding something, just ask questions, we are happy to help make the process easy for you too.

  • Talk about your guest list and budget. These two items go hand in hand for a lot of the planning process. You may want to consider decreasing your guest list if the preliminary numbers are coming in higher than you planned for.

  • Many venues do have minimums (either a minimum number of guests or a minimum total amount spent) In these circumstances, ask about other smaller spaces and other options the venue may have for you.

  • At Kloc's we have 3 venues. Each has a unique look and feel but each venue also has some aspects of it that are seasonally closed/open. Each venue has different minimums and we can also work with you to lower these minimums for off peak dates and most Sundays.

To schedule a private tour of Kloc's just call us (716-674-5944), email us (, or use the contact us button on our website to send us message. We will work out a date and time that is good for the tour and will take the time to walk you through the menu and pricing structure.

The next step is to book your date! Make sure to do this with the ceremony in mind. If your ceremony will be onsite at Kloc's it won't take any extra effort to organize, however, if your ceremony is at a church or other venue, it may prove to be more difficult to find dates and times that work for both.

Once this is done, you will feel a large weight lifted. And you will have found the perfect convergence of Vision, Budget, Guest List, and Venue. This is important because it will have set the groundwork for the rest of your wedding planning, which should flow a bit more easily, as you will see in Part 2 of Planning your Wedding!

Stay tuned to our blog for: Planning your Wedding (Part 2) by following us on facebook.

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