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Choosing your Venue

There are many different ways to go about picking the right venue for your event. Some venues are better for certain event types than others, some venues are seasonal, and others just don't have the right ambiance for the event you are hosting. Ultimately it will be up to you to determine which factors matter most to your event, however, I will try to shed some light on this decision making process.

One of the first steps is to determine how many guests you are inviting. This can be a challenging process depending on what kind of event you are hosting. If it is a wedding, often times parents will want to invite their friends too and it is important to have these discussions with the key stakeholders of your event. Some events call for smaller more intimate venues and others call for large sprawling spaces. It is also important to consider how large you would like your event to be, as this decision can come down to a matter of personal preference. Either way, once you have an idea of how many guests you will invite, you will gain a sense for how large of a venue you will need, and this can help you filter out the venues that are too large and the ones that are too small.

Next, you should determine when you will host the event. It usually comes down to a matter of preference or event requirement/deadline. This will help you to either reduce or expand venue options by weeding out the seasonal venues and will also help you to get closer to a couple of dates that you could consider having the event.

In general, there are many questions and factors that should go into make this decision. Here is a list of the considerations broken down into categories:


  • Is the venue in your desired geographical area, if not, is it close enough to only require a short drive time for most guests?

  • Is there ample parking, and if there is not, how should guests plan to arrive?


  • Does the style of the venue match the style you are going for?

  • Do the colors of the venue match or at least complement the color scheme you have in mind?


  • This where having a guest list comes in handy to determine if the venue will be big enough or too big.

  • Ask the venue for an idea of how many tables there will be based on your guest count and for clarification as to how that may differ from the event that is currently set up in the space.


  • Do the venue charges fit into your budget?

  • Does the venue pricing make sense to you?

  • Ask the venue for an actual price. Ask about any other charges or fees that may not be clearly indicated? Confirm that the only changes to the quoted total will be from changes in guest count, menu, and additional services.


  • For the services the venue does not provide, what are the vendor policies?

  • Are there fees for vendor coordination?

  • What vendors are allowed?

  • Does the vendor need proof of insurance?

What's Included?

  • What does the venue rental fee include (if there is one)?

  • Does the venue come with tables, chairs, linens, audio equipment, etc.?

With these factors in mind, you can begin to plan your event by choosing your venue!

At Kloc's, we have three unique venues. Each venue is tailored a bit differently so as to provide different styles, accommodate different size parties, and even operate seasonally. Take a look at our venue page for more details on the different venues. We are located on a quiet and private 20 acre property that will truly come alive for your event! Contact us now to set up your private tour and event meeting.

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