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Planning Your Wedding: Part 3 (of 3)

As you are getting closer to your wedding day, most of the hard decision making has already been done.

Buttoning up the last minute details will be what is required for planning in the last 6 months. Some of the tasks are bigger than others but these decisions should seem easy compared to the ones you have already made.

  • The big tasks to take on are:

  • Select and shop for bridesmaids' dresses

  • Plan your honeymoon

  • Order invitations (it is a smart idea to order 25 extra) & other wedding stationary such as ceremony programs and menu cards

  • Plan and book your wedding day beauty appointments

  • Hair stylist and makeup

  • Plan rehearsal dinner

  • If your ceremony is on-site at Kloc's you will want to coordinate this date with us to figure out when your ceremony rehearsal will end

  • Get your marriage license (don't forget to bring the required documents to obtain this)

  • Plan outfits and/or Order tuxedos/suits for groom and groomsmen

  • Order wedding cake

  • Order your wedding bands

  • Confirm your ceremony and reception music selections

  • Book a hotel or plan your end of night transportation

  • The smaller items to check off are:

  • Mail wedding invitations when they come in

  • It can be fun to just put on some music and have a glass of wine while going through this task. Take it slow and make it fun.

  • As a hint, you should number your response cards to know who they belong to. This way if they come in without a clear marking of who the card belongs to you will still know.

  • Work on seating arrangements for reception.

  • If you have questions, please call us to review this with you. We have table layouts for the rooms.

  • Confirm all arrangements for out of town guests - Transportation and accomodations

  • Do a hair and make up run-through

  • Have a final fitting for your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses

  • Purchase gifts for your bridal party, and plan you rehearsal dinner toast

  • Make a list of all vendors and bridal party with contact information. On the day of your wedding, you may not have your phone, and this list can be surprisingly useful.

  • Communicate all plans for rehearsal and wedding day to bridal party. Be sure to include locations for where the bridal parties will get dressed for ceremony.

  • Meet with us at Kloc's to review all your final plans for menu, seating, and general coordination. This will typically happen 1-3 weeks prior to your wedding day. It is important that all your counts be finalized at the time of this meeting to minimize redundant communication during the last few weeks of planning.

  • We look forward to this part of the wedding planning process the most. It is our opportunity to learn about all of the details you have planned and to coordinate as necessary to make your day run as smooth as possible.

  • As you are coming up with ideas throughout your planning, questions will come up as to how certain details should be carried out and who will be responsible for those details on the day of the event. Please ask us your questions as they come up, this way there won't be surprises during these last couple weeks before the wedding.

  • In the one week prior to wedding day:

  • Enclose fees and payments due to any vendors in envelopes for easy distribution.

  • Appoint a person/family member as the "organizer" to handle any last-minute questions or problems. This person should be someone who was close to you throughout your whole planning process, but it should also not be someone in your bridal party because bridal party members will have other important obligations during the wedding.

  • Pack for your honeymoon!

  • Most importantly, On your wedding day.

  • Remember to eat

  • Allow at least two hours for getting dressed

  • Relax and remain calm. You have empowered the right professionals to take care of the last minute details.

We hope this series of blog posts on wedding planning is helpful and beneficial to you throughout the process.

Please contact us for more information or questions.

Here are the PDF versions of the planner for you to print at your convenience. Enjoy!

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