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A Brief History of Kloc's (1955-Present)

Kloc's Grove opened in 1955. The property was purchased by Stanley and Dorothy Kloc who slowly transformed the chicken farm into a Picnic grove. This was a time when Buffalo was expanding into the suburbs and Buffalo companies were beginning to host employee appreciation events. After a few years Kloc's became a favorite for the company picnics and over time the need to develop into a more formal setting for banquets became apparent. So, that is what Kloc's started focusing on.


To start, Kloc's was a disjointed property with many separate small buildings separated by pathways, driveways, and gardens. The event sizes eventually outgrew the spaces available and it was throughout those times that Kloc's would decide to make additions and renovations. It has always been important to Kloc's to keep the banquet rooms feeling fresh and welcoming to guests.


Flash forward a few years and Kloc's is passed on to Stanley and Dorothy's only son. Joseph and Karen Kloc take over as owners and push forward with new ideas to keep Kloc's up-to-date with the new standards. Adding new menu items, expanding the venues, and redecorating as needed were the important changes Joseph and Karen were able to bring to Kloc's. All leading to the successful growing venue it is today.

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